Single, limited edition, signed by the author, of 998 numbered copies in Arabic numerals and 200 in Roman numerals
Original sculpture-case made in two sections, each measuring 32,5 cm
Produced in rigid moulded polyurethane with a white polished pigment coating finish. Front and lateral blocks held together with neodymium magnets

Artist’s Book
42,5 x 30,08 cm
Inside covers: Scolex Negro / 180 gr
Inside pages: Tatami White / 170 gr
Sheets sewn with thread
Texts in the author’s original language, translated into Spanish and English

The study book
27 x 15,5 cm
Inside covers: Nettuno Nero / 140 gr
Inside pages: Tatami White / 135 gr
Sheets sewn with thread
Bilingual edition in Spanish and English
Text by Rafael Argullol

Curated and produced by Edicions de l'Eixample, Barcelona.
Publisher: Artika, Barcelona