Neues Palais, Land Brandenburg, Germany

Commissioned by: Ministerium für Wirtschaft des Landes Brandenburg, 1999
Project: Europa EXPO 2000, Hannover
Curated by: Stefan von Senger


“Once upon a time, a follower asked Buda what is the Truth. As an answer he gave him a glass ball telling: This is the Truth.
When the follower took the glass ball in his hands, it fell down broken into an infinity of glass fragments.
Since then, each time a small glass piece is found, we only find a part of the Truth”


...What could be the way to represent this bridge towards the world?
A breath of life? The permanent desire for expansion and communication? The bottle in which we send our messages: The BODY (our own body).
Body as a container covering memory and future. Body as a metaphor of the bottle and its message.
How and where should this bottle sail with its message? Where can we find bridges without frontiers? The impossibility of slowing down or preventing the shift of ideas?...The WEB.
Web as the customary place for meeting and exchanging ideas. Web as a dynamic, simultaneous and immediate place…
…Mr. NET is a hybrid consisting in two basic parts seeking to merge tradition and technology, fragility and future, dream and desire.
Installed in each specific area, is a manufactured body made with cast transparent polyurethane blocks and stainless steel.
It houses a monitor, a camera, LED lights, loudspeakers, sensors, etc..., and the software to control them.
“GLÄSERNE SEELE” is a poetic metaphor manufactured in transparent blocks, which conveys the image of the constant construction of our environment and us.


Jaume Plensa