ISLAS, 1995

ISLAS, 1995

Parque de García Sanabria, Tenerife, Spain

Commissioned by: the Colegio de Arquitectos de Canarias, 1994
Project: 2º Exposición Internacional de Arte en la Calle
Curated by: Vicente Saavedra

73 light boxes
Painted aluminium, plexiglass, vinyl, stainless steel and neon
10 x 10 cm x variable measures (each box)

...Each one of the names, Rodin, Giotto, Miró, Morandi etc... constitute a sculpture in itself, a recipient of the name's greatness. Case and name are one unit, the thought, the interior has been materialised in the name, the exterior.

In first instance, this work will be understood as homage to the great of the plastic arts' history. Thus, as soon as one wants to establish a relation between the mentioned artists and Plensa's sculpture, this one eludes any relation. What interests him goes way beyond, since is deals with the metaphor of the artistic creation.

For Jaume Plensa, the work of art is the container where the incommensurable of the spirit is made visible....

H. J. Buderer